• “Dr. Kurt has provided answers and holistic treatments that have greatly alleviated several long-term health issues I’ve had, while minimizing prescription medications. I originally came to him for assistance in dealing with multiple chronic health concerns, with the goal of improving my overall quality of life in middle age and beyond. His comprehensive intake interviews and follow-up testing revealed several fundamental conditions that multiple physicians over 20+ years had never even considered; they just wanted to prescribe more pills for symptoms without identifying the underlying causes. My body has responded extremely well to his recommendations for supplements, acupuncture and other holistic measures, and how to fit those changes into a busy life. He also does so with a personable, non-judgmental manner for human foibles (e.g., not quite being able to give up brownies yet!). I would gladly recommend Dr. Kurt to anyone looking for a more comprehensive, holistic approach to health.” — Sherrill Z, 60yo

  • "Dr. Kurt has played an integral role in my family's health. I initially sought him out for a hip overuse injury following a 15-mile trail race. At the time, I was experiencing debilitating pain that impacted every aspect of my life, from sleep to work. With a few weeks of acupuncture and homeopathy, I was pain-free and back to my usual activities. He has also treated various ailments in my children, ranging from depression to gastroenteritis to the flu. He takes the time to assess the complete health picture during each visit, which is extremely important to me as I have a child with asthma and another with an autoimmune disease. Dr. Kurt is extremely knowledgeable and is wonderful with children. I would highly recommend him for all of your family's health needs." -- Cindy N, 40yo


  • "I worked with Dr. Beil over the course of six years, and I was grateful for his diverse set of skills. Acupuncture is one of my favorites, but I also appreciated his recommendations for several other helpful remedies. For instance, I now make use of hydrotherapy when I'm feeling sluggish or immune compromised. Dr. Beil has a kind, professional bedside manner and a great sense of humor. He's also helped me prioritize healthful lifestyle choices. Thanks, Dr. Beil!" -- Ela T, 38yo


  • "Dr. Kurt has worked with me and my son for years, and I unreservedly recommend him to anyone. He is knowledgeable, gentle, and personable, and always helps us when we're struggling with our health." -- Rachel S, 45yo


  • "For anyone that has been looking for a holistic practitioner, look no further! Dr. Kurt Beil is an excellent holistic health educator and naturopath, recently relocated from Portland to our area." -- Kate L, 39yo


  • "I love Dr. Kurt!!! He fixed my shoulder and all my hip pain with just 1 or 2 sessions, and I've been going to doctors for years! And he's so funny! He is the best." --Angela S, 48yo


  • "I was at my wits end w/all my health challenges, all my blood test numbers were pretty high. I am very pleased w/the amazing results of the natural meds Dr. Kurt has prescribed. In the first few months, I felt much better, & had more energy. Even better than that, when I had my usual annual blood tests for A1C, cholesterol, liver enzymes, & more....all my numbers were way down within a fraction of what "normal" ranges should be. No longer was I considered Type II diabetic…

Dr. Kurt has also helped me get tests thru the allopathic clinic (via phone consults with him since he is in New York, while I am in Washington). He waited a while until I finally found a doctor (primary care) who is also trained in Chinese medicine/acupuncture....also in the clinic I use currently. Now I have an awesome team of medical professionals who support me with allopathic medicine combined with Dr. Kurt's naturopathic medicine.I will always be grateful for Dr. Kurt, he is the perfect doctor in my book! I cannot help but bubble over with praise & gratitude! He is the BEST!!!"  -- Louise H, 63 yo


  • "Always a learning experience. Dr. Beil takes the time to break everything down so that I'm a part of my healing process." -- N.G., 59