New Patient Visit

In a typical 90-minute New Patient Visit, we discuss the information you provide on your initial Intake Forms (sent to you & returned via email prior to your visit). 

Time will be spent going over your symptoms in detail to clarify how they affect you. Everyone is different and so it is important to understand your unique set of symptoms. In addition, an extensive health history will be conducted to understand:

  • other symptoms you have (past and present),

  • your family health history,

  • current & past treatments,

  • laboratory testing you've had,

  • and other relevant aspects of your health.

In-depth exploration of lifestyle factors during the visit will assess where healthy adjustments can be made to:

  • Dietary choices

  • Physical activity

  • Sleep patterns & quality

  • Stress levels and causes

  • Environmental factors

Once all of this information is obtained, a preliminary Recommendation Plan will be presented.  In addition to the items listed above, use of herbal and nutritional supplements as well as other natural remedies may be recommended to support your healing process.   Often acupuncture is used to address acute & chronic conditions and achieve harmonious balance within the mind and body. 


Follow-up visits

Follow-up visits lasting 30-60 minutes will address changes to your symptoms since the previous visit, either positive improvements to your symptoms or the appearance of new symptoms.  A restorative acupuncture and/or mind-body healing session is usually included at this time. Adjustments to the Recommendation Plan are also made. 

TeleMedicine (Long-Distance) Visits

Long distance consultation visits are available via phone or video-conferencing software, for individuals that reside too far away to conveniently travel. Dr. Beil conducts these visits in the capacity of a health consultant only, and cannot be considered to be providing medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Visits typically last 60 minutes.

As mentioned above, every person is different and every visit is truly unique.  Please contact us with any questions you have or schedule an appointment to see howHudson Valley Natural Health can work for you.