Upcoming Events

Speaking Schedule

Dr. Beil is a regularly invited speaker on various health topics.  Here are the upcoming scheduled speaking topics and dates:

  • None currently scheduled



Recent invited speaking events:

  • “The Impact of Nature-Based Therapy for Cancer Care”

6th Annual Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians Conference

Phoenix Marriott Tempe, Tempe, AZ -- February 19th, 2017


  • "Biophilia: holistic approaches to health through interaction of humans & nature

6th Annual Bionutrient Food Association's Soil & Nutrition Conference

Kripalu Retreat Center, Stockbridge, MA --  December 6th, 2016


  • "Biophilic Medicine: The Preventative, Restorative, & Therapeutic Power of Contact with Nature"

4th Annual Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians Conference

National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL -- October 9th, 2016


  • Research Roundtable – Therapeutic & Restorative Natural Environments

Nature Heals: A Nature-Based Therapies Symposium

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN -- October 2, 2015


  • "The Healing Landscape: Evidence & Application of Health-Promotion in Green Spaces"

Livable Cities Symposium: American Society of Landscape Architects - OR Chapter

 Portland State University, Portland, OR --  April 18, 2015


  • “Natural Imperatives: The Benefits of Contact with Nature for Our Lives and Times”

Economics of Happiness Conference – The International Society for Ecology and Culture  

The Eliot Center, Portland, OR -- February 28, 2015


  • “Psychophysiological evidence of Biophilic Ecopsychology”

Nature, Health & Access Forum

Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR --  June 28, 2014


  • “Inclusion of Restorative Green Spaces in Urban Planning and Design”

Space for Thought: International Symposium for Design and Well-Being in the Built Environment

University of Warwick, Coventry, UK --   March 9, 2014